Best Part-Time and Online Jobs In Kenya

Best Part-Time and Online Jobs In Kenya

Due to the tough economic conditions in our country Kenya, everyone needs to earn a living. Getting a full-time job to support your needs has become a nightmare for most people.

Most full-time jobs don’t sustain our needs so we need to supplement them with part-time jobs. Many have ventured into part-time jobs or side hustles to boost what they get from their main jobs.

Here are some of the jobs:

1] Affiliate Marketing

It involves marketing businesses/Sites online via sharing of their links on social media pages and websites. You will get paid once someone joins/buys a product through the links you have shared from your account. As good as doing physical marketing this also needs good convincing power to the people you share the link with.

2] Freelancing

Freelancing is earning a living as a freelancer. It is the most common and convenient part-time job here in Kenya. There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers. You can earn good fortune from online academic and article writing platforms such as fiver, Upwork, blogs, or websites, right in the comfort of your home. 

Many will ask what is needed to start this; you only need good internet/network connectivity and proper bidding of the work posted after you have created your account.

3] Vlogging

You earn based on the advertisements displayed on your videos. Choose your content wisely based on your target audience and make quality videos. Youtube vlogging can be an excellent part-time job. Youtube fortunes from Youtube are gotten based on the number of subscribers that you get. 

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4] Web Designing

This is also another online lucrative venture only if you are tech-savvy and know how to professionally design websites. The cost of designing a website varies depending on factors such as complexity.

5] Online Surveys and Research Jobs

You can venture into doing online surveys and research jobs for companies on a part-time basis. Some online survey sites that offer such opportunities include Digiopinion, Surveytimes, MobiWorkx, Mobrog, Swagbucks, and many others. 

Some surveys are paid as points/credits which are then redeemed when you attain the redeeming point. Others like Surveytimes directly pay the cash in USD directly to your Paypal account. Most of the survey sites pay in terms of points which can be redeemed as cash or gifts.

6] Tutoring

Tutoring is a very reliable part-time job as long as you have enough and relevant expertise. You can provide tutoring services based on your area of specialization. This is done online via such sites as Teachon which is basically for offering teaching services. 

All you need to do is just create an account.

7] Social Media Expert

Here you are hired to manage someone’s or a company’s social media accounts/pages.No professional expertise is required here all you need is to spend the most time on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are a lot of companies and prominent personalities looking for people to manage their social media pages. 

8] Data Entry

Data Entry requires one to be computer literate, have fast typing skills, and excellent written communication skills. The jobs can be done in the comfort of your home. You can find data entry jobs on online sites such as Fiverr.

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9] Betting

No such reliability but here you risk to gain or loss. All you need is to find the right site for you such as betika,betway,pakakumi, or even such social sites as Poppo Live, etc

10] Taxi Business/ Transport

This is an easy way to make money especially if you are a licensed driver with valid documents. With this, you might be a Boda Boda owner, or car owner, or even get someone to hire you as a driver within taxi-hailing apps such as Uber, Bolt, etc.

 To ensure your business picks up well put into consideration your communication and marketing skills. Remember that a happy and satisfied client will always seek your services and even refer his or her friends to you.

11] Forex Trading

Forex trading is all about buying and selling currencies online. It is a platform where traders and investors exchange, buy, and sell world currencies. It is a lucrative venture that however needs you to get some proper training before you start making a fortune. Various online platforms offer such training services at a fee.

12] Selling eBooks

You can write and sell online downloadable books containing information on various sectors such as Health, business, technology, etc. You can sell your ebooks on platforms such as Amazon or even sell them o your social media platforms.

13] Dropshipping

This is a supply chain method where a retailer does not keep an inventory of the item he/she sells but transfers the orders of the customer to a third party who then ships the item or product directly to the customer. 

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It is more of an e-commerce model that only requires you to have a functional laptop and a good internet connection. You can get started by visiting platforms such as Shopify.

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