Gas Africa (Oxygen Manufacturer)


Gas Africa (Oxygen Manufacturer)

Gas Africa was founded in 2014. Gas Africa has prided itself on focusing on customer satisfaction, safety, and the maintenance of quality – ISO 9001:2015 certification awarded for Quality Management Systems.

Gas Africa is one of the most prominent Medical, Industrial, and Domestic gas producers, suppliers, and distributors in the region.

Gas Africa serves a variety of industries including healthcare, aerospace, metal fabrication, food and beverage, and domestic

Gas Africa also provides supporting accessories to all industries, ranging from home care kits to individual patients requiring Oxygen therapy to providing turnkey technical solutions, including Medical Gas Piping System installations in hospitals, through its engineering division.

Healthcare being an ever-growing sector in the East African region through investment in both private and public institutions, gives rise to the increased demand for Medical Gases.

Whether it is a Home Care Kit for a single patient, a small Oxygen cylinder for an ambulance, or indeed the supply of a large bank of cylinders into a centrally piped hospital, Gas Africa is ready to support the evolving needs of its clients.

Medical Products:

Medical gases supplied in varying cylinders include :

 i) Medical Oxygen 

ii) Nitrous Oxide

iii) Medical Carbon Dioxide

iv) Medical Air 

v) Accessories & Equipment for consumables i.e. regulators, flowmeters, and humidifiers

Community Service

Gas Africa also supports specialist treatment centers, including Fertility clinics through the supply of Liquid Nitrogen used in sample storage

Gases Availability:

Gases Available Purity
Medical Oxygen/ABO 99.50%
Medical Air 80:20 Mix
Nitrous Oxide >99%
Medical Carbon Dioxide 99.90%
Liquid Nitrogen 99.99%
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Supply Capacity:

Supply Options



Address: Athi River Rd, Nairobi

Timings: 9 am -5 pm

Phone No: 0733 999191



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