Hon. Kawira Mwangaza Profile

Hon. Kawira Mwangaza Profile

From Grass to Grace, Hon. Kawira Mwangaza has risen from being a House Help To Meru County Governor.

A blow to the Political Giants

The August 9th General Election came with as much shock as it had surprises.

While political coalitions swept some regions with a wave, some independent candidates weathered the storm, trouncing political giants.

One such candidate is the Meru Governor-elect Kawira Mwangaza who on an independent ticket caught many by surprise after falling towering political figures – incumbent Kiraitu Murungi and outgoing Senator Mithika Linturi to become the first female to hold the seat in the county.

In her first media interview since she was declared governor-elect, Mwangaza who is also a bishop at Baite Family Fellowship Church in Meru County said that her victory was a prophecy come true.

Birth and Education

Born in 1973 at Ontulili village in Buuri constituency. Mwangaza attended  CCM Ontulili Primary School but could not proceed to secondary school due to a lack of school fees.

Without hope of proceeding with her education, Mwangaza moved to Marsabit to work as a house help at a relative’s home.

She worked as a house helper for almost a year. Afterward, she got the chance to enroll at Moyale Girls Secondary School. 

She was part of the pioneer class. Four years later, she emerged as the best candidate in the Marsabit district with a C+.

She later ventures into business and attains a bachelor in Education degree from Kampala University.

She pursued a Bachelor’s in Guidance and Counseling but didn’t start out as a teacher since she ventured into business.

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Politics Journey

Kawira Mwangaza’s political career began in 2004-2008 when she was advancing women’s rights. She held the position of Chief officer at Mwanganza Distributors.

Her trial in politics started in Buuri constituency as an MP IN 2013 but failed and it is here that she learnt her biggest lesson in life.

After the 2013 campaign, she realized that she had spent Ksh.20 million. I was broke and heavily indebted. She relocated with her husband to Rui where they sold tomatoes and onions to recover financially.

They later joined the media industry since the husband Murega Baichu is a musician and there she got the service to people motivation.

As the station grew popular, Kawira got pressure from the people of Meru to take another stab at politics. This time, however, she was careful not to spend so much on the campaign trail and get nothing.

She ran as an independent candidate and won by a wide margin. The people’s drive made her campaign different from 2013 one. 

As an independent candidate, Mwangaza floored Florence Kajuju to become a woman representative and that is where she immediately began her journey to the governorship, utilizing the national government affirmative action fund to make a difference through operation Okolea.

She ensured the public resources from Ngaaf are prudently utilized. By being with the people, many urged her to go for the county governor seat in 2022.

To endear herself to the people, Mwangaza has been building houses for the poor, donating dairy cows, and giving school uniforms, desks, blankets, and gumboots, besides offering scholarships.

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At the height of her campaigns, her political competitors painted Meru town with posters and huge billboards but surprisingly Mwangaza chose a different campaign strategy.

On her campaign trail, it was just Mwangaza and her husband Baicu who would entertain the crowd before she sold her agenda.

Her main Agenda now is to seal all loopholes of corruption.

Mwangaza goes down the annuls of history in Meru politics as the second woman to trounce political giants to assume a non-affirmative position in the national arena.

The first woman to do so was Annrita Karimi who became Meru Central MP in a by-election in 1975. Her career was short-lived when male politicians in the region allegedly ganged up to fix her in a corruption scandal.

Kawira’s Husband and Children

When it comes to love life, she’s married to her supportive husband, Robert Moriga Remberia. He has really played an important role in her Political Journey. No clear details about her children, parents or her siblings.


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