Its One Bar License Per Town In Mount Kenya Region

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Its One Bar License Per Town In Mount Kenya Region

Mount Kenya Region has always hit the news with alcoholism and drug abuse. Most women have cried foul of their men being unproductive due to the abuse of the illicit brews in the region.

Having had the new government t in place, this has hit Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua who is in the move to reform the Region. 

DP Rigathi Gachagua has therefore commanded the Governors in the region to issue 1 Bar License Per Town. Gachagua believes this is the only right way to curb the rate of alcoholism in the region.

Speaking in Murang’a at the launch of the county’s bursary program, Gachagua asked the legislators to give a license to one pub in each town in the Mount Kenya Region.

In the move to rescue youths and men in the Mount Kenya Region, Deputy President has commanded the provincial administration officers to crack down on illicit liquor in the region.

Gachagua has called on county governments to regulate the issuance of licenses for bars and restaurants. He said that the rate of illicit liquor becomes a menace and is threatening to ambush the young generation.

He said the all  administrators must retun to their jobs and must eradicate alcoholism and drug abuse since Rutos Administration will not negotiate on this. 

The directive of one license per town has then been backed by closer of others that will be opened at 5 pm and closed at 11 pm.

Shall this move affect the economy negatively or positively?

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