List Of Biscuit Companies In Kenya

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List Of Biscuit Companies In Kenya

Wheat products are way too many but biscuits are among them. The list focuses on companies that manufacture and distribute different types of biscuits which are sold locally and internationally. Biscuits are the most liked snacks in Kenya and many other counties in the world.

Below is an outline of biscuit companies in Kenya:

1) Manji Food Industries Limited

Manji Industries acquired the popular ‘House of Manji’ brand of biscuits in 2002. Manji Biscuits has over the years managed to achieve the top position in the biscuit industry. The brand goes beyond Kenya and extends to other countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contacts: 0722 203 326, 0733 333 288

2) Sunveat Foods Limited

Sunveat is the first manufacturer of Happy Happy Cream biscuits in Kenya. The biscuits are famous for their extraordinary packaging and superior taste.

Contacts: 0713 191 819, 0733 191 819

3) Britania Foods Ltd

The company is the brain behind the popular Britania biscuits which have over the years dominated the Kenyan foreign markets.

Location: Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contact: +254 020 652 530


4) Premier Cookies Limited

It is one of the oldest biscuit companies in Kenya. It was established in 1989. The company manufactures over 100 different types of biscuits. Some of the brands include; Chef gingernut biscuits, chef digestive biscuits, chef tea biscuits, chef nice biscuits, chef chocolate flavored biscuits, chef safari biscuits, and Malaika biscuits.

Contacts: 0722 206 929, 020 531 313

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 5) Mjengo Limited

The company is renowned for manufacturing the popular biscuit brand NuVita. The brand boasts approximately 18% market share in Kenya.

Location: Thika

Contact: +254 020 205 5510


6) Golden Biscuits Limited

The company is also one of the oldest manufacturers of biscuits and other food products in Kenya.

Location: Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 020 554 011

7) Kenafric

The company was founded in 1987 and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of biscuits, snacks, juices, and culinary products in Kenya.

Contact: 0730 700 000


 8) Nyanza Biscuits Limited

Location: Nyanza Biscuits Building, Opposite Kenol Petrol Station, Kisumu Town

Contacts: +254 572 022 188, 0771 218 015, 0722 746 888

9) Trufoods Kenya Limited

This company produces a wide range of food products such as chocolate drinks, jams, sauces, and biscuits.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contact: +254 020 238 5880

10) Nesfood Industries

The company manufactures plain and cream biscuits which are packaged and sold locally and in other neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania.

Location: Mombasa

Contact: +254 041 343 2573

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