List Of Elected MCAs In Garissa County 2022.

List Of Elected MCAs In Garissa County 2022.

Garissa County is an administrative county in Kenya. Its capital and largest urban area is Garissa. The county had a population of 841,353 at the 2019 Census and a land area of about 44,753 km2 

Garissa is one of the three counties in the former North Eastern Province. It has a total of 30 wards in its 6 constituencies. The county is headed by Governor Nathif Jama.

This is the list of the 2022 August elected MCAs of Garissa County.

Functions Of MCAs

i)An MCA is a representative elected by registered voters to the county assembly.

ii)They represent electoral units called Wards.

iii)The main function of the members of the county assembly is to present the views and issues of the electorate to the county assembly for discussion.

iv)They also oversee the delivery of services by the county government to the people.

v)MCAs are also involved in the legislative process.

Below is a list of all the 30 MCAs in Garissa County.

List Of Elected MCAs In Garissa County

Ward MCA Party
Waberi Abubakar Haji KANU
Galbet Abubakar Mohamed ODM
Township Hussein Mohamed UDA
Iftin Musdaf Abdirashid ANC
Balambala Abdi Ibrahim Jubilee
Danyere Idris Ismail UDM
Jarajara Adan Hussein UDM
Saka Abdiweli Aden Jubilee
Sankuri Abdirahman Mohamed UDM
Modogashe Mahat Abdikadir ODM
Benane Abdiqayum Sugow ODM
Goreale Fakrudin Haji UDA
Maalimin Hajir Mahat NAP-K
Sabena Issa Aden NAP-K
Baraki Hassan Dahir UDA
Dertu Aden Hassan UPIA
Dadaab Mohamed Abdi WDM
Labasigale Mohamed Sheikh WDM
Damajale Omar Abdi WDM
Liboi Ahmed Abdirahman KANU
Abakaile Hajir Mohamed UPIA
Bura Ali Abdihakim Jubilee
Dekaharia Ahmed Noor ANC
Jarajila Noor Sheikh KANU
Fafi Hassan Aden UPIA
Nanighi Abdullahi Ibrahim UDA
Hulugho Adow Omar NAP-K
Sangailu Abdi Muhyadin NAP-K
Ijara Abdirahman Muktar Jubilee
Masalani Yunis Abdi NAP-K


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