List Of Elected MCAs In Siaya County 2022.

List Of Elected MCAs In Siaya County 2022.

Below is an outline of the elected Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in Siaya County as per the 2022 general election. 

Siaya is among the Six counties in the former Nyanza Province. The county covers an area of 2,496 square Kilometres.  Governor James Orengo heads the county and the county has a total of 30 wards in its Six constituencies.

Functions Of MCAs

i) An MCA is a representative elected by registered voters to the county assembly. 

ii) They represent electoral units called Wards. 

iii) The primary function of the Members of the County Assembly is to present the views and issues of the electorate to the county assembly for discussion. 

iv) They also oversee the delivery of services by the county government to the people. 

v) MCAs are also involved in the legislative process.

Below is an outline of all the 30 MCAs in Siaya County.

List Of Elected MCAs In Siaya County 2022.

Ward MCA Party
West Ugenya Andericus Oduor ODM
Ukwala Joseph Peter ODM
North Ugenya Benard Onyango ODM
East Ugenya Fredrick Oluoch ODM
Sidindi John Otieno ODM
Sigomere Andrew Omwende ODM
Ugunja Edwin Martin ODM
Usonga Sylvester Otieno ODM
West Alego Felix Ouma ODM
Central Alego David Omondi ODM
Siaya Township James Obiero ODM
North Alego Vincent Otieno ODM
South East Alego Scholastica Masidis Owoko ODM
North Gem Philip Obonyo Oluoch FPK
West Gem Achieng Susan ODM
Central Gem Sylas Madingu ODM
Yala Township William Kinyanyi ODM
East Gem Seth Baraka ODM
South Gem
West Yimbo Simon Otieno IND
Central Sakwa Joseph Bismark Olang’o ODM
South Sakwa Eunice Rahel ODM
Yimbo East Francis Otiato ODM
West Sakwa Truphosa Apondi Osewe ODM
North Sakwa Oliver Otieno ODM
East Asembo Gordon Onyango UDM
West Asembo Mark Okeyo ODM
North Woma Washington Booker ODM
South Woma Michael Omondi ODM
West Woma Justus Oguta ODM
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MCA Salaries in Kenya

According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), an MCA earns a salary of Ksh 144,375 per month. This includes a basic salary of Ksh 86,625, a house allowance of Ksh 45,000, and a market adjustment of Ksh 12,750.

MCA Salaries in Kenya 
Basic Salary Ksh 86,625
House Allowance Ksh 45,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 12,750
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 144,375

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