List Of Elected MCAs In West Pokot County 2022.

List Of Elected MCAs In West Pokot County 2022.

Below is an outline of the elected Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in West Pokot County as per the August 2022 general election.

West Pokot is amongst of the 14 counties in the former Rift Valley Province. It covers an area of 8,418 square Kilometres. It has a total of 20 wards in its Four constituencies. 

The county is under the stewardship of Governor Simon Kachapin.

Functions Of MCAs

i) An MCA is a representative elected by registered voters to the county assembly. 

ii) They represent electoral units called Wards. 

iii) The primary function of the Members of the County Assembly is to present the views and issues of the electorate to the county assembly for discussion. 

iv) They also oversee the delivery of services by the county government to the people. 

v) MCAs are also involved in the legislative process.

Below is an outline of all the 20 MCAs in West Pokot County.

List Of Elected MCAs In West Pokot County 2022.

Ward MCA Party
Riwo David Jumaa UDA
Kapenguria Richard Achekek UDA
Mnagei Richard Ruto UDA
Siyoi Esther Chemtai UDA
Endugh Plimo Victor KANU
Sook Martin Komongiro UDA
Sekerr Jane Chepaty KUP
Masool Wilson Pkerker KANU
Lomut Jacob Pkiach UDA
Weiwei Moiben David KANU
Suam Emmanuel Lochaun KANU
Kodich Paul Ywapamoy Jubilee
Kasei Krop Francis UDA
Kapchok Yerer Peter KUP
Kiwawa Joshua Chumel KUP
Alale Johnbosco UDA
Chepareria Patrick Patey KUP
Batei Long’iro UDA
Lelan James Kapeli Indp
Tapach Samwel Timtim KUP
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MCA Salaries in Kenya

According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), an MCA earns a salary of Ksh 144,375 per month. This includes a basic salary of Ksh 86,625, a house allowance of Ksh 45,000, and a market adjustment of Ksh 12,750.

MCA Salaries in Kenya 
Basic Salary Ksh 86,625
House Allowance Ksh 45,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 12,750
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 144,375

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