List Of Top 10 Boss Ladies in Kenya.

List Of Top 10 Boss Ladies in Kenya.

Being a woman who is financially Independent and Successful is a threat to the male species. While other women are hopping from one man to another, eating their hard-earned money, boss ladies are really feeling the power of money.

If only all women were totally financially independent the world would be living thirties in their twenties. Being a boss lady comes with so many privileges, your name is formidable, your presence commands respect and so many people look up to you. 

Below is a list of the Kenyan boss ladies we all love and admire.

1} Akothee aka President of Single Mothers

The mother of five is a baller. She lives like a queen and rubs shoulders with her likes. Another is a money maker, apart from her successful music career, she owns a tours and travel company, several apartments, and a hotel. 

She’s currently working on so many projects which we are awaiting to see. She has created employment opportunities for Kenyan Society.

2} Betty Mutei Kyalo

Betty is an entrepreneur and an Award-winning Media Personality in Kenya who has worked with Standard Group-owned station KTN and Mediamax-owned Tv station k24. Just the other day, she quit being the face of the posh palace, but she bounced back with a big bang starting and running her own salon called Flair.

Despite hosting the gaming show dubbed ” The Big Quiz Show” on KTN, Betty fully understands the magic of investing. She recently came up with a reality show max with her sisters called The Kyallos Kulture.

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3} Vera Sidika

She chose to think a little outside the box and come up with her own products. Vertex helps you in cutting that weight and toning your body, without you subjecting yourself to the gym and strict diet.

She’s now a wife, and mother to one lovely girl, and she’s still venturing into Music she realized her rap song ”Popstar”.

4} Anerlisa Mwigai

The Keroche heiress is a tough-skinned woman who is very entrepreneurial, unlike many rich kids we know. She owns Nero Waters, a company producing drinking water.

5} Huddah Monroe

Many socialites have proved to be all dependent on money from other people’s pockets but Huddah has proved us wrong. Thanks to her entrepreneurial mind, she is taking over the beauty industry with her successful business Huddah cosmetics.

6} Terryanne Chebet.

The mother of two is hardworking and entrepreneurial, while working at Citizen TV, she was running her business Keyara Organics, which is still up and running even after being fired. 

Side hustles make everything fall into place.

7} Olive Gachara

Her passion led her to start a fashion Magazine called Couture Magazine. Olive is all business oriented as she runs Kinky modeling and talent agency, and a consultancy firm.

8} Susan Kaittany

She is a lawyer who is very strategic and entrepreneurial. She is the CEO of Posh palace, which is one of the most executive salons in Kenya.

9} Michelle Nkatha Ntalami

With the craze for natural hair, she saw an opportunity to make money. Marini naturals provide hair products for all types of hair.

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10} Wandia Gichuru

She runs Vivo Activewear, a clothing store in Kenya. Vivo has been on the market providing Kenyans with the latest fashionable outfits.


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