List Of Wheat Flour Companies In Kenya

Exe Unga Mandazi Fortified Wheat Flour 2Kg

List Of Wheat Flour Companies In Kenya

Are you thinking of starting a wheat flour wholesale Business? Well below is a list of the Licensed wheat flour production companies and millers in Kenya. The listed companies and millers are effective distribution networks located countrywide.

Below is an outline of wheat flour companies in Kenya:

1) Mombasa Maize Millers Ltd

Mombasa Maize Millers are the largest millers of maize and wheat in Kenya, with branches in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kitale, and Nakuru. They produce both maize and wheat flour under the customized brands: Ndovu, Cosmo, Bahari, Swan and animal feeds.

Contacts: 0703 776 888, 0733 695 516.

2) Unga Limited

It is the oldest and one of Kenya’s largest millers. The company’s wheat flour brands include EXE All-Purpose home baking flour, EXE Chapati, EXE Mandazi, EXE Self Raising, EXE Brown Bread, and EXE Atta Mark 1.

Location: Commercial Street, Industrial Area, Ngano House

Contacts: 020 7603062

3) Grain Industries Limited 

The company has a state-of-the-art milling plant in the Shimanzi area of Mombasa. Their product range includes Ajab Chapati Flour, Ajab All-Purpose Home Baking Flour, and Ajab Mandazi Flour.

Location: Mozambique / Beira Road, Shimanzi. Mombasa

Contacts: 0740 111 222

4) Maisha Flour Mills

Maisha Flour Mills was established in 1993 to produce high-quality flour made from pure wholesome wheat products for the ever-growing market. The company exports its products to the East African region. They are behind the Maisha Wheat Flour.

Location: Kiganjo.

Contacts: 020 208 5703, 020 208 5700.


5) Bakex Millers

Bakex Millers acquired a milling license from NCPB in 1983 to start a wheat flour mill. It was the first private miller company in Kenya to have storage silos. The company produces wheat products for baking & confectionery and animal feeds. Their products include Vitafla Home Baking Flour, Phulka ATTA Mark I Chapati Flour, and Oboma Home Baking.

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Contacts: 0717 080 024, 0731 459 868.


6) Premier Flour Mills

The company is engaged in the milling and distribution of premium-quality wheat and maize flour products. The products are stringently packed in clean, dry paper balers and polypropylene bags. The company’s products include Chef All-Purpose Home Baking Flour, Chef Atta Mark I Flour, Chef Chapati Flour, Chef Mandazi Flour, Nyota, Chef Brown Bread Flour, and Chef Self Raising Flour.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0733 333 079, 0722 203 105.


7) Baraka Flour Mills

Baraka Flour Mills is a licensed wheat flour production company and wheat flour mill. The company’s products include; Elliot’s home baking, bran pollard, premium bakers, kenoodles, and top choice.

Contacts: 0711 484 848, 0206 556 050.

8) Capwell Industries

They manufacture high-quality wheat flour, maize flour, pulses, rice, and porridge flour using the best processes and modern technology available. The Company’s wheat flour products include Soko Atta Mark.1 and Soko Home Baking Flour.

Location: Off Garissa Road, Behind Gretsa University, Thika.

Contacts: 0724 237 000, 0736 237 000.

9) United Millers

The company’s range of quality wheat flour includes Tropicana Atta Mark 1 flour, Tropicana Home Baking Flour, Tropicana Self Raising flour, and Tropicana Chapati flour.

Location: Obote Road, Industrial Area, Kisumu.

Contacts: 0724 303 831, 0770 304 072.


10) Kitui Flour Mills

Their wheat flour products include Unga Wa Dola Premium All-Purpose Flour, Unga Wa Dola Premium Chapati Flour, Unga Wa Dola Premium Atta Mark 1 Flour, Jahazi All-Purpose Flour, Jahazi Atta Mark 1, Ziwa flour, and Baba Lao All Purpose Wheat Flour.

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Location: Miriambai Lane, Off Lumumba Road, Mombasa.

Contacts: 020 211 1674, 0722 437 583.


11) Pembe Flour Mills

Pembe Flour Mills produces quality wheat flour, maize flour, and wheat products in Kenya.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 114 444.

12) Alpha Grain Millers Ltd

It is a market-focused and customer-oriented organization with a dedicated team of well-trained staff handling wheat and maize procurement and flour milling. The company produces Kifaru Ngano Wheat flour.

Contacts: 0706 445 444, 0734 445 444.


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