You don’t want to miss out on the journey of this Tv station. This is an example of starting small but growing big. Lookup Tv is an upcoming Tv currently on free-to-air terrestrial. It was started back in 2019 with a Sister Vanacullar station called Muthingi Tv.

LOOK UP TV is a free-to-air terrestrial channel with nationwide coverage in Kenya, and East Africa.

 It has its corporate offices and main studios located at Amboseli Gardens, Lavington Nairobi Kenya. This is the center of all main production and broadcasting activities coordination.

LookupTV’s philosophy is all about incorporating the people with News Gathering and carving a niche in local broadcasting by telling stories that captivate Human Interest.

The Studio Measurements

This tv station has a very spacious Studio with its measurements as captured below.

The studio is 14 Feet in Height, 37 Feet in Width, and 59 Feet in Length inside. The surrounding or the outside measurements are 66 Feet in Length and 43 Feet in Width.

Lookup Tv has a control room that facilitates seamless coordination between the studios, and the network of correspondents throughout the country.

Avant-Garde Equipment

Also known as Portable Live-U equipment is the equipment used by LookupTv for live broadcasting.


 LookUp TV’s portable equipment for live broadcasts defines the company’s foray into digital media. It enables the station to broadcast from anywhere, and the signal is particularly optimized for social media streaming

LookupTV Programming

LOOKUP TV has a diverse menu of programming that predominantly targets youth aged between 18 and 45 years. This programming includes:

  • Live Reporting
  •  News & Current Affairs      
  • Political Talkshows
  • Documentaries  
  •  Music Shows
  •  Entertainment    
  •  Business
  • Sports                                     
  • Contract Broadcasting      
  •  Farming
  • Property shows
  • Cooking shows
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LookupTV Ability

If you are looking for a tv station that will offer you good rates for you to be on tv from all angles then here is the place to be. A TV station that is about engaging, informing, and inspiring its audience.

LookupTV currently offers Outside Broadcasting, Television Production, Livestreaming, Branding Content, Content Generation, Video Editing, Graphics, Audio post-production, and even Studio Facilities hire.

Digital Presence and Reach

LookupTv is one of the over 70 free-to-air television stations in the country. Its target audience is aged between 18 years and -55 years, both gender.

It currently  has good digital planform coverage having its accounts on: 

Youtube: Look Up Tv- 24.8 Subscribers, 3,127,201 Views 


Facebook: Look Up Tv- 21K Likes,113K Followers

Twitter: 5994 Followers

Instagram: 2214 Followers

Website: https://lookuptv.co.ke/

With a Tiktok account that was started recently.

Tiktok: 715 Followers, 3698 Likes


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