Thika Road on The Trends

Man Whose Car Plunged Into Juja Dam while in Company of Woman Had 2 Wives,  Friend Says -

Thika Road on The Trends

Thika Road has been the best highway but with a lot of drama unfolding events.

Ranging from high jacking, kidnappings, and road accidents but now it has been on the news over lovebirds making out in the middle of the busy highway.

Juja Dam Tragedy

Last week on Tuesday 17 January evening, a Nissan X Trail plugged into Juja Dam killing a man and a young lady. The man in this was married and his body was identified by his wife after having a stressful night of calling the husband.

The man was then identified as Tirus Maina by the wife. In an interview, the wife claimed to have called and even texted the man and he said he was at Juja having “Kanyama choma” with friends and that he shall be back soon.

The Lady Who Died alongside Maina

The unclaimed body of the lady has been lying in the City Mortuary for days. The wife of the deceased man then came to the public urging them to help the family get their loved one identified for burial. 

On Thursday 26, the body was then identified by her family members. She is a 22-year-old Fridah Warau Kamuyu from Mathioya, Murang’a County. The autopsy from the police sources showed that she had bruises on her left arm and died of drowning.

Juja Dam drowning: Woman's identity revealed after fatal incident – Photos  – Nairobi News

Murera Ward MCA Ngatha Wambiri urged the national and county governments to fence off the dams in Kiambu to avert such incidents in the future.

“I’m urging the national government, or even the county government, to fence off the five dams in Juja. Many people usually come here to relax. However, where alcohol is involved, judgment is usually impaired, leading to unfortunate incidents that could have been avoided,” he said.

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High way Love Becomes a Punch on the Face

Photos Of Tabby Ndung'u The Woman Who Was Sentenced To 6 Month Jail Term  And An Alternative Fine Of Ksh20,000 For Making Out In The Middle Of Thika  Road - Kenyan Lyrics

After the Juja Tragedy, a City lady was this week fined KSH 20,000 for Insulting Police Officers. Tabby Ndung’u, a 26year old Nairobi-based woman was fined after she was found making out with a man in the car in the middle of the busy highway.

 The push for her to be taken to court came about her hurling bad insults at the police officers and daring them to shoot her. 

This is what we call being in hot soup since Tabby landed herself in jail and was arraigned in court on Wednesday, January 25, and was fined Ksh 20,000. The court also ordered if she is not able to pay to serve six months in jail for the same offense.


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