Top Best Places For A Desert Experience In Qatar

Qatar to build Bedouin camp for 2000 World Cup fans |

Top Best Places For A Desert Experience In Qatar

If you’re on a vacation in the Middle East and longing for desert adventures, then Qatar is where you need to be. A country that boasts of its majestic desert terrain, one can embrace desert adventures here like nowhere else. 

From the thrills of dune bashing to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of desert safaris at the heart of the country, Qatar has it all, and more.

Besides, here are some of the best places for desert adventures in Qatar that one should never think of missing.

1) Inland Sea – The Majestic Natural Reserve


Inland Sea named among top 25 beaches in the world | Time Out Doha

If you’re looking for desert adventures in Qatar, then a visit to the Inland Sea has to be on the cards. Nestled just 60km from the gorgeous city of Doha, also known as the Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid.

Inland Sea is a natural reserve recognized by UNESCO and features in the must-visit places of Qatar. It is one of the very few places in the world where the sand dunes meet the sea during high tide. One can embrace the majestic landscapes surrounding the site or catch a glimpse of the unique species in the region.

With rare species of turtles and dugongs, Khor Al Adaid has its own ecosystem. Remember, one can only reach here by driving in a 4X4 vehicle across the dunes.

2) Bedouin Camp – Spend A Night In The Desert

Qatar to build Bedouin camp for 2000 World Cup fans |

Ever wondered what it’s like to spend a whole night amidst the calm desert? Well, the Bedouin Camp is something you’ve got to try. One of the finest Qatar tourist attractions, it is an experience that allows one to spend a night in the desert, savor the finest traditional delicacies of Qatar, and embrace the local music to the bonfire. Visitors get an option to stay overnight as they sit back, relax, and gaze at the sparkling stars in the night sky from the heart of a Bedouin Camp.

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Bedouin Camps are part of overnight desert safaris in Qatar, often organized near the island sea of the sealine region. Entertainment is further added to the experience by hosting musical nights and dance shows, representing Arb culture and its vibrancy.

3) Doha Desert – A Hotspot For Dune Bashing

Deserts of Qatar: Escape from Doha | CNN Travel

Traveling to Qatar and missing out on the true adventure of dune bashing is out of the question. Famed as one of the most popular desert adventures in the Middle East, not just in Qatar, desert safaris are the most popular adventures and tours for witnessing the vast land of dunes. There’s no better place than the Doha desert to experience the fun of dune bashing. This is, in fact, an activity that is generally not for the faint-hearted.

As for the Doha desert, it offers the perfect terrain for adventure and is a popular attraction amongst tourists who visit the city. Visitors are usually picked up from their preferred location in Doha and dropped back once the activity is over.

Try the best activities for an adrenaline rush like dune bashing or sand-boarding, camel rides, and more. Hence, there is no concern about planning the logistics and travel to the site for dune bashing.

4) Mesaieed – Enjoy A Scrumptious Dinner In The Desert


Mesaieed, Qatar 2022: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

Nestled approximately 64 kilometers to the south of Doha, Mesaieed is a city in Qatar and a place where one can enjoy the perfect dinner night in the desert with some loved ones. Often considered perfect for couples and families alike, the whole night activity in Mesaieed not only offers the thrills of desert adventures but also a unique experience of having a red-carpet buffet dinner right in the middle of a desert.

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One can book a whole package where a private vehicle along with several additional services is provided. Speaking of the meals offered, the buffet includes some of the finest and mouth-watering delicacies as you savor the enriching taste under the night stars in the desert.



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